So where did the answer to these age old challenge of permanent weight loss lie?

The secret to what I achieved was that I was prepared to take an honest look at my eating and drinking habits.

There was no point in fooling myself any longer.   My future health and fitness relied on the action I was about to take.

Being Honest With Yourself Is Essential…..

I started to analyze my own eating and drinking habits.

Most important I analyzed them on paper.  I noted down everything that I ate and drank throughout the day.

And the clues to my weight problem began to emerge.

What I came up with is not really diet it was more a commonsense way of eating and drinking.

I wanted something that would fit into a normal lifestyle and family situation.

I’m not into fads and ideas that I can stick to for only a short period of time and then ‘fall off the rails’.  I’d been there and done that and the T-shirt didn’t fit.

I, like many of you, needed something that would work for me long term, help me lose weight and for that weight loss to be permanent.

And I could see it staring at me right out of my analysis sheet.

Something Simple And Workable Was Essential…..

Somehow I knew that initially I was only looking for one small habit change to work on and once I had proved to myself that it worked then I would be on my way.

It did work and the benefits showed up quicker than I expected.

And as I can now assure you it is permanent – habit change and weight loss.

It Works…..

It doesn’t matter what your age – young or not so young this can work for you if you really want it to.

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Wishing You Health & Happiness Always.

Richard G. Gunstone
The Habits Coach